Hi, we are CULTNKD, a clothing label that is your biggest fan!
Brand is based in Ukraine and was founded by a fellow power girl Mary Furtas in 2018.

We believe in confidence as a life-cycle approach. Every body is beautiful, every single woman on earth should feel attractive: we stan all shapes and sizes. CULTNKD’s woman is definitely a Goddess - and they are, as you know, perfect.

That’s why we took a mission to inspire and empower women around the globe and we proclaim female body as a cult. At once familiar and innovative, every piece showcases a fresh take on contemporary classics by flirting with 2000’s aesthetics and sexuality.

To minimize over-production, all of CULTNKD's garments are produced on demand. An opposite to industrial process, our highly skilled craftswomen is like a big family! We are waiting for your order and prepare it specially for you. This ensures personalized approach, quality control at every stage, and no overproduction (yes, we care about the environment). We do our best to dispatch your order the same day, but depending on the demand, please expect your fabulous piece to be sewed and ready to fly out within 1-3 business days. Our textiles are of an extremely fine quality: we like the luxurious look and feel, so they come straight from Italy to our humble office (carried by fine men, btw).
Founder Mary Furtas and COO Yasemin Selin with the beloved construction team.

CULTNKD launched it’s first DANCING ON THE TABLE skort, pink stretch satin skirt with a pair of shorts underneath, in 2018 and ever since then it embodies a sense of wearable joy and has become the brand's signature. We basically do comfortable and attractive wear for living - how cool is that?

Our team is young, driven, hard-working and keen to details. We want to feel good about the work we do each day & to reflect our values: quality being combined with comfort & femininity.

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